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August 26,  2019

What's happening here is changes, at home and in the stores. August 1st presented us with some family challenges that we are still working through while we adapt to a 'new normal'.  

Hopefully, September brings relief from our challenges, but we are happy to continue with the good parts of our new normal. There are blessings in everything.

At the A Vintage Addiction stores, things are going well.  My customers in Australia start their Christmas shopping now, as they know that shipping time increases each day as the winter holidays approach.

We are happy to welcome many new customers from India and Israel where American collectibles are popular. 


The internet powers-that-be are showing our site in Europe too.  That, and some rave reviews, are helping our international sales.  


Does anyone besides me find it amusing that the hometown of Sherlock Holmes, is where most of our Mystery Treasure Boxes have been sent?

Fall decorations are moving fast, especially anything Pilgrim theme. We have shopping trips planned for Payson, Arizona and Palm Springs, California.  I hope to find fall treasures in both of these fabulous cities.  What a wonderful job I have.  My customers need vintage decor for their fall homes and I get a weekend of shipping in the mountains and in the desert.

That brings me to the subject of Christmas. Our Christmas Treasure Boxes and a huge hit! So much so, I may need to stop offering them.  Can you imagine, sold out of  Christmas before October 1st?  I am happily stunned .


The Barware and Boudoir boxes are selling almost as fast and won't be offered much longer.  If you were thinking about these boxes, order them now or contact me about your needs and timing.  

Enjoy the last weeks of summer and have a safe Labor Day.

The Vintage Addiction Weekly
News and Information About All Things Vintage
Published Weekly by Terri Spring
for www.

August 15,  2019

As a 'vintagey' person - my word for one who appreciated the treasures of the past, welcomes them in the present, and preserves them for the future -  I am aware of time. Time moves on its own just as it should. We don't need to push it along or let others push it for us.

Case in point -  On August 14th a Phoenix television newswoman said she was glad fall was finally here.  HUH?  It was 116 degrees in Phoenix just as is was 180 miles south where I live, so it wasn't cooler weather that led to her statement.  Did she mean she was glad school started? Did she mean she was glad daylight didn't creep into her windows until 5 a.m.? 

Hopefully, the meteorologist explained earth rotation to her.  When the sun is situated just above the earth's equator, summer turns to fall.

Six months later, the equator is again positioned under the sun, representing the change from winter to spring. 

It's a science thing.

It is not a back-to-school Halloween-candy-in-the-store thing.

It is a God's-creation-of-the-

earth-and-sky thing.

There are 37 more days until summer ends on September 22nd.  

Monday, September 23rd is the first day of Fall.

Do you hear me newscaster? 

As a businesswoman, I am guilty of promoting seasonal products well before the season. My 'business' calendar (built on a couple of college degrees and 40 years of business experience) tells me to participate in Christmas in July sales events. It urges me to keep the momentum going for the rest of the year with a full promotions calendar.

When you are first in line for a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte on August 27th, forgive me for jumping the gun. 

Then, plan something wonderfully summery for the weekend.

We are given a limited amount of days in each season.  

We are blessed with a limited number of seasons in our lives.  

Make them count.

That is why I have A Vintage Addiction
A Vintage Addiction, Yuma, Arizona, USA

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